Consumers have questions and concerns

Today’s consumers have many questions about their food, especially beef. Consumer research has shown that this concern is translating into the intention to choose beef less often, and feelings of guilt when beef is the protein of choice.

People aren’t sure where to turn to for credible information about food and farming

Where does anyone go to look up information on a subject they want to know more about – online, of course! But this space is also flooded with noise. Determining what is fact, what is opinion and what is outright false is increasingly difficult.

People trust farmers, ranchers and others directly involved in the beef community

When it comes to answering their questions about food and farming, consumers place the most trust in those who spend day in, day out immersed in agriculture -and rightly so!

Learning more means feeling better about enjoying beef

Increases in knowledge and awareness of beef production in Canada translates into more positive consumer perceptions and contentment about the choice to enjoy beef.