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The Nitty Gritty

Beef Advocacy Canada is an educational resource designed to provide information on the Canadian beef industry to anyone interested in learning more. From a mother looking for more information about the food for her family, to a beef producer who wants to become an advocate for the industry, there is something here for everyone.

The Beef Advocacy Canada program is divided into three courses.

The first course of the program will provide users with a good understanding of the work and knowledge that is required to bring high quality, safe and delicious Canadian beef to the table. There are five chapters and each chapter has a quiz with ten questions. Users must complete the chapter quizzes prior to logging out, or they will have to restart that quiz when they return to the program.

In order to complete Course One, all quizzes must be taken and a minimum of 80% must be achieved on each quiz.


Once Level One is completed, users may register for level two. The second course of the program includes more detailed information about the industry, case studies and other advocacy resources.

If you have completed Course 1, please register for Course 2. We will email you your approval.

If you have successfully completed Course 1, you may now complete Course 3, Social Media Tips & Tricks.

Please allow us some time to review your Course quiz and advance you to Course 3.

As a registered beef advocate, graduates will have access to media training, regular news updates and a network of fellow advocates across the industry.

All course content can be accessed on a desktop or with mobile devices.

Technical Requirements

The site should function on all major modern browsers on both a PC or Mac machine.


As an Advocacy registrant and graduate you will have access to many resources that will be a great benefit to you and assist you with Advocating for the Beef Industry.

Some resources you will have access to include:

Images – A complete library of Beef Industry related images.

Presentations – PowerPoint presentations will be made available to help you Advocate.

White Pages – Documents containing the latest support and references you may require.

Audio & Video – Audio and video files will be available that help support the Canadian Beef Industry and our Advocates.

Links – We will maintain a list of online resources that you can reference as you need.