Become an Advocate


Why Advocacy Canada?

There are many people talking about the Canadian beef industry, about how cattle are raised and beef is produced. The goal of this program is to empower advocates for the beef industry; those people who make their living by and build their lives on bringing beef to the world’s table.

Being an advocate for the industry involves sharing what you know and what you do, and understanding and sharing the process in the rest of the industry. Canadian beef advocates will be talking about the Canadian beef industry from a place of credibility and knowledge. You will be talking from inside the Canadian beef industry.


Welcome to Beef Advocacy Canada

Learn how you can become an advocate for Canadian beef and the entire industry by enrolling in our online learning program.  Once complete, you will have access to a library full of great resources, up-to-date information and the ability to become an influential beef ambassador. You will join a network of beef advocates from across the country and across all sectors.

For more information and ask any questions you may have please contact us today.